45+Adult Softball League

2017 Players Memorial Tournament
Thursday, September 28 - Best Friend Park
Team and Tournament Play Pictures


Total Runs Scored
AL 1 - 42
AL 3 - 45
AL 4 - 40
AL 2 - 31


NL 1 - 27
NL 2 - 21
NL 4 - 18
NL 3 - 13

Thanks to all of the players that came out and played in the Memorial Tournament. The Gwinnett Senior Softball Board appreciates everyone’s support of the tournament honoring league players and spouses that have passed away.

Bob Morrison, League President, started the event at 6:30 p.m. Before Bob started the ceremony, he noted the changes made for this year 1) posting pictures of our teammates who passed away in the hope that this will be a better reminder of who they were, 2) limiting the reading of names to the players who left us in the last 3 years, and 3) bringing forth the loved ones present for their spouses so the league can show a small token of our appreciation.

Jim Hannah, Vice President, recognized the players/spouses present with a gift card. Jim also read the prayer "God Bless America" and read the Softball Player prayer.

Play started at 7:00 p.m. and finished up at 11:00 p.m. Every team got to play 3 games. The weather was great - a little warm but the wind was blowing. And we had family and friends out cheering for their favorite players.

Feedback about the tournament:

  • One pitch format with a time limit helped to keep the games moving.
  • Spirit and enthusiam of tournament was great.
  • First class league - Memorial well done. Rememberance is important to all who have ever played there and their spouses. Everyone involved did a great job - well organized, communicated and first class.
  • As a first year member, I was very moved by the ceremony, especially the inclusion of surviving or departed spouses.
  • Liked the pictures and dates - really surprised how quickly the years have gone since this or that person has been gone.
  • This is a great event to honor those who have passed away and were part of the league. I have enjoyed being part of this over the past several years since I joined the league.

Suggested changes for next year:

  • Expand reading of names to five years instead of three years.
  • Eliminate the extra inning with ties for the American League to keep the games on time as much as possible.

THANKS to the following individuals who helped make the tournament a success this year! If we have missed anyone that helped out, we apologize up front for not remembering. Just let Doris know so she can add you for recognition.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ron Petre and Rick Rhodes!! Ron and Rick set the teams and made up the schedules.

  • Ed Brown Jr. and David Birge did a great job umpiring the games.
  • Ed Lewallen gave the opening prayer.
  • Alan Wesley for the use of his PA system and providing us with awesome music!
  • Ed Kuzela for taking pictures.
  • Harvey Schulman, Jim Hannah, and Doris Warpole for helping to make the event a success.


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Opening Ceremony

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American League Teams

AL 1 - Clif Parker

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AL 2 - Craig Pippin

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AL 3 - Chris Bolden

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AL 4 - Ed McVeigh

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National League Teams

NL 1 - Jim Hannah

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NL 2 - Ken Packman

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NL 3 - Don Johnson

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NL 4- Harry Harrison

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