2011 Memorial Tournament
Saturday, April 23 - Bethesda Park

Age Division


Total Runs Scored


IDC 3 - 0
GA/AL Masters 2 - 1
Hendersonville 1 -2
Gwinnett 60's 0 - 3

IDC - 58
GA/AL Masters - 46
Hendersonville - 36
Gwinnett 60's - 36

Classics 3 - 0
Hendersonville 1 - 2
Gwinnett 70's 1 -2
Nuggets 1 -2

Classics - 39
Hendersonville - 33
Gwinnett 70's -31
Nuggets - 16

Thanks to all of the teams and players that came out and played in the Memorial Tournament. We had 8 teams participate with players from GA, NC, AL, and SC (60 Division and 70 Division). The Gwinnett Senior Softball Executive Committee appreciates your support of the tournament honoring league players and spouses that have passed away.  

The tournament started at 9:00 a.m. with Gary Mastrodonato, League President, welcoming everyone. Bert McDade, Vice President, gave the prayer. Gary read the names of the players and spouses who have passed away with the league recognizing their spouses present with a gift card. Dale McWhorter and Harry Mansell spoke a few words about JW Austin who passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago. Bert read the Les Boswell prayer. Gary read the poem "Around the Corner" by Charles Hanson Towne.

Play started at 9:30 a.m. The sky was overcast with a slight breeze, and the sun came out around 1:00 p.m. Wasn't too hot - a great day for playing ball. We were able to finish all games by 4:30 p.m.

THANKS to the following individuals who helped make the tournament a success this year!

  • Scott Juhl, Gwinnett Parks and Recreation, lined the fields, kept the batter's boxes in great shape, and picked up the trash.
  • Ed Davis and Bill Grimes recruited the teams that participated this year.
  • Ben Wiechman recruited players for the Gwinnett 60's team and managed the team.
  • Norm Lebedin recruited players for the Gwinnett 70's team and did team registration and collected fees.
  • Rick Rhodes managed the Gwinnett 70s team.
  • Tena Stanfield bought the donuts and helped out with pictures and picking up trash.
  • Bill Grimes bought the ice for the water coolers.
  • Frankie Baldwin brought the gift cards and gave out to the players/spouses that attended in memory of their loved one.
  • Larry Milleville brought the extra bases from Best Friend.
  • Tom Burliegh donated his time by keeping score for the 70 Division Teams.
  • Tom Pressley donated his time by helping out with the ice/coolers and and keeping score for the 60 Division Teams.
  • Jim Hannah and Naomi Harrision donated their time by taking pictures.
  • Wayne Griffin and Harry Mansell helped out with the ice and water coolers.
  • Harry Harrison brought his 2 water coolers.
  • Ed Brown Jr, and Bruce Caldwell did a great job umpiring all the games.
  • Josh Caldwell filled in as umpire for one game on field 9 so we could get the 60 Division games done early.
  • Brian McNutt operated the concession stand for us - not only did they have great food at reasonable prices, he also provided free coffee all day.

SPECIAL THANKS to CHARLIE BLACKBURN!! Charlie donated his time to be Field Manager for the day. He got the keys for the fields, made sure the scoreboards and lights were operating and stayed around to the end to lock up.

If I missed anyone that helped out, please let me know so I can add you to the list to be recognized. This was definitely a team effort!!

2010 Memorial Tournament

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