Our league began when the Georgia Peaches was created in 1985 by a group of former softball and baseball players (age 55+) who loved to play the game. This is the group of guys who started it all!!

May 13 1993 - Atlanta Journal Article on League

If you look closely, you will see a couple of familiar faces that are still playing in the league and playing tournament ball today. Others are still active in the league even though they may not be playing any longer.

1985 Georgia Peaches
Left to Right: Dick Phillips, Nick Lester, Fred Gordon, Frank Donaldson, Stan Kelley,
Mack Yarborough, Clyde Hutton, Lamar Baldwin, George DeMore, Frank Mitchell, Calvin Wood

Mack Yarborough, Lamar Baldwin               Emmett Vollenweider

George Bond          Curtis Caldwell

1986 Georgia Peaches

Augusta State Champions

Back Row: Charlie Landers, Bobby Darnell, Dick Phillips, Mack Yarborough, Wheeler Fowler,
Alex Zyjewski, Emmett Vollenweider, Floyd Garner; Front Row: Buster Harris, Frank Mitchell,
Calvin Wood, Lamar Baldwin, Curtis Caldwell, Fred Gordon

Top Row: Bill Anderson, Wheeler Fowler, Fred Gordon, Buster Sappenfield, Calvin Chewning, Alex Zyjewski
Middle Row: Dick Phillips, Nick Lester, Stan Kelly, George Bond, Frank Mitchell, Charlie Landers
Bottom Row: Curtis Caldwell, Kelly Osley, Lamar Baldwin, Clyde Hutton, Calvin Wood, Mack Yarborough

Irving, Texas World Series Qualifier

Back Row: Emmett Vollenweider, Floyd Garner, Buster Harris, Calvin Woods,
Shirley Vollenweider, Lamar Barldwin, Alez Zyjewski, Front Row: Wheeler Fowler,
Bobby Darnell, Frank Mitchell, Dick Phillips, Fred Gordon, Curtis Caldwell

                 Curtis Caldwell                                            Ray Bearden

Lamar Baldwin                                                  Jim Nisewonger

Curtis Caldwell                                                          Frank Mitchell

Floyd Garner                                                          Jim Carr

1993 Gold Medal Winners
National Senior Olympics - Baton Rouge, LA

Back Row: Ray Bearden, Dick Phillips, Wheeler Fowler, Jake Heaton, Fred Gordon
Front Row: Angelo Mercuio, Curtis Caldwell, Emmett Vollenweider, Chuck Eddy, Frank Mitchell

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May 13, 1993 Atlanta Journal Article on League

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Oldest League Member - George Bond

George Bond celebrated his 90th birthday on October 21, 2009. George is our oldest member and was one of the players who helped to make the league what it is today. He played in the league and on the 1986 Georgia Peaches. He may not be playing but he is still an active member.


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